Nothing, really….

Here we are at Friday again, thank goodness. We made it through another week! Why, does life sometimes feel like an obstacle course?

Good news, though, my liver tests came back and my liver is all happy and healthy, much to (I assume) the chagrin of Dr. Passionate-About-Cholesterol who was using the state of my liver to convince me I should be on medication after 25 years of Bad Triglycerides. He sent me a letter, and I read it sitting on the stairs in the entryway, and I had to smile, I couldn’t help it. His letter said, “It was nice to meet you, your lipid panel came back abnormal and you should be on medication.” He declined to mention how my liver was just fine, or how my triglycerides were the best in six years. (Tch, tch- always focusing on the negative!)

Bunny was in the hospital again this week, but it was way less scary than last Friday when they were concerned she had a brain aneurism or hemorrhage and she text me to tell me they were going to do a spinal tap, at which point I dropped everything and flew to the hospital. She’s been having bad headaches that make her violently ill, and despite two trips to the emergency room, we still don’t really know why. She’s been super stressed and somewhat of a wreck emotionally ever since she was sexually assaulted earlier this year, and it breaks my heart to see her suffering. It also makes me feel a little bit murder-y, to be honest. (Don’t worry, feeling and action-ing are not the same)

Tomorrow I am bringing over some paint, and some new sheets and bedding to her apartment. J bought her a new bed for Christmas that was delivered a couple of days ago. Bunny hasn’t been able to sleep in her bedroom for months, and we don’t think that’s helping with her emotions or her headaches. She’d like to move altogether but since she has several pets her options are limited, and the place she lives now is more affordable for what she needs. Sometimes you have to accept the things you cannot change, and make the best of it.

I probably should be baking the cookies I need to bake, and making the caramel corn and wrapping the presents, (and my tree still does not have lights because last years decided not to work and that means I have to go to the store, and dang, I hate the store this time of year) but instead tomorrow I will spend painting with Bunny, because she is more important than anything else in the world.

J brought home some information on renting violins for me this week, because he knows that it’s a secret desire of mine to learn to play and because he is thoughtful and sweet. He was at the music store buying a used amp for his new electric guitar. Playing guitar was something on his bucket list, and he is totally slaying it. He’s been playing acoustic so far, but he’s ready to branch out. I’m going to have to dedicate a room in the house to be a music room if this keeps up. I, on the other hand, have so many things I want to do like write and whittle and learn that I have been putting the violin off, even though I would consider it a Bucket List item.

“I think it would be so sexy if you played the violin.” J said. He’s just trying to manipulate me (in a good way), like when I tell him he’s sexy peeling potatoes on Thanksgiving.

What I really have always wanted to play is the fiddle, which I guess is the same but when you say “violin” to me I think Vivaldi and when you say fiddle I think Cotton-Eyed-Joe. I want to play the cotton-eyed-joe kind of violin. I actually looked it up once and playing the fiddle is a style versus an instrument. Who knew?

“Then we can play together, by the campfire,” J said.

His confidence in my ability to learn to play is nice. I’m a little more worried, myself. (Old dogs and new tricks and all that) It’s actually pretty cheap to rent a beginner violin (“Rent to own!”) and they offer reasonable lessons at the same place so maybe, I will finally start working on that Bucket List item once the holidays are over. I hope I don’t suck at it.

It’s time to go to work, and finish off the week. Have a nice weekend, everyone. (IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!)

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