Dear Diet Diary

Dear Diet Diary,
Day 1

J is home late from work, because he had to go get a new handle for the upstairs toilet, which broke earlier today. I know in my head that it would not be nice for me to eat dinner without him because he is doing this very nice thing for us (Fixing the toilet) and I should wait for him and also maybe get his plate fixed and ready (We’re having leftover stir fry from yesterday) as a thank you. But man, my stomach is GROWLING. They always tell you to drink water when you are hungry, as if that helps. Now my stomach is just pissed off that I gave it water instead of food and growling even louder.

I decided to write to distract myself from it.

I spent all day yesterday doing food prep for this week for J and myself and what we like to jokingly call, “Our new healthy lifestyle”.  (We’ve officially reached the age where we want to start pedaling backwards as fast as we can) I know we are a little late for New Year’s resolutions, but I was holding out until after we went on our holiday.

Now we have healthy, high fiber, whole grain and protein and fruit and vegetable rich meals to get us through breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday.

I ate my breakfast at a decent time this morning. As you know, Diary, usually I am bad about that but I know there’s that whole “most important meal of the day thing” so I did it. And I added some fruit.

A few hours later I ate my healthy, home cooked lunch. Go, me!

A couple of hours later I was hungry again. I ate a low-fat yogurt.

A couple hours later I was hungry again, but knowing I needed to save my points I made a kale, red onion and blueberry salad and sprinkled some lemon juice and balsamic vinegar on it. Before I did that, though, I opened a bag of walnuts and ate one of them and then I reminded myself what the scale said this morning and closed them back up.

ALL THAT FOOD and still my stomach is complaining.

J came home while I was typing that (Hallelujah!) so I said, “I’m starving, do you want me to warm you up a plate of stir-fry?”

“No, that’s ok, I’ll eat later. I want to fix the handle and then snow blow the driveway.”

“Did you eat your breakfast and lunch today?”

“Yes, I did, they were delicious, thank you.”

“Were you starving? Did you wish you had a snack?”

He shook his head, “No.”


And, I kid you not, he is outside right now snow-blowing the driveway and he didn’t even eat a snack! Maybe he’s secretly supplementing his diet with raspberry danish from the vending machine at work.

Regardless, I’m off to eat my stir-fry by myself in a very slow and mindful way off of a nine-inch plate of which half is vegetables. (And maybe lick it, just to make sure I get every drop) Then I am going to take my multi-vitamin for the day because, although it is an adult vitamin, it is chewable and tastes like orange candy and I like to pretend its dessert.

After that I have five points left and 16 ounces of water to drink and when both of those things are gone, no matter what time it is, I’m going to bed.  It’s the only way to survive Day One.

One day at a time, right?


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