Ramblin’ and Such

It’s going to be sixty-two in Minnesota today, so we’re all in a pretty good mood around here.  The snow is melting at record speed, the cat even went out and sat under a pine tree for a while this morning.  Everyone likes to bask in all the sunshine we’ve been missing for months.

J and I had a date night last night so it was dinner and a movie.  We have date night dinner and a movie a lot.  There are times when we question ourselves like, should we do something different on our date night?  Are you sure you’re ok with dinner and movie again?

Some people call it “a rut” when you get into a habit and you never do anything else but I have thought about it a lot and I have come to the conclusion that there is comfort in the familiar.  I like knowing that on the weekend at some point I’m probably going to eat Mexican food and then snuggle up in a comfy recliner for a movie and some popcorn.  I like knowing that no matter what else happens during the week or weekend, I have that to look forward to.  I don’t care if it’s “a rut”, I happen to be kind of fond of that rut.  After all, we made it ourselves.

We saw Amy Schumer’s new movie last night.

“What did you think of the movie?” J asked on our way home.  He fell asleep during the final scene of the movie, something he does even when he really likes the movie so its not a good indicator of how good the movie is, only a good indicator of how tired he is.    

“I liked it,” I replied.

“The critics gave it like 5 ½ stars out of 10.” 

“Well, the critics are obviously not self-conscious women,” I said, and that was the end of that conversation.

I am positive there is not a girl on the planet who hasn’t felt like Renee in the movie at some point and even though it’s a comedy, its actually a pretty serious societal issue, not specific to women.  Doesn’t everyone feel like they might not be good enough at some point in their lives?

Anyway, I liked the movie, and the popcorn was good, too.

Earlier in the day we ran some errands, then got our instrument practice in and finally went for a walk.  In an actual park.  It’s been months since we have walked anywhere besides the neighborhood, and we were like those cows in the video on the internet who were kicking up their heels at being able to go outside after eight months.  We kicked up our heels and got in all our steps. 

Today there are two potential elimination playoff hockey games on later, so I’ve got a roast in the crockpot for dinner and we’re planning to spend the evening with hockey.  I’m enjoying April to the fullest because I already know May is going to be a busy work month with travel.  My April goal is to maximize the goofing off!

Bunny turns twenty-one next week.  I can’t believe it every year when it’s her birthday and it’s the same this year.  She’s planning on hitting karaoke so I might sneak in there and celebrate with her for a little while, but I’ll leave long before I have to start to worry.  It’s been my experience that most parents do not enjoy seeing their kids drunk. 

Most, I said.  I know a lot of people who are just entering the teenager phase with their kids and so, as someone whose kids are all past the teens I would like to offer my opinion and advice.  You ready?  It goes like this- You can be the “cool” parent, who lets their underage kids drink, who lies and makes excuses for their kids even when they are wrong, never holding them accountable for their actions and bad behavior OR you can be a GOOD ROLE MODEL. 

You cannot be both. (Don’t @ me)

Holding your kids accountable for their behavior will not make you their favorite person.  Too bad.  It’s your job as a parent to teach your kids how to survive in the world, and once they leave the nest there is no one out there covering for their asses except themselves.  They need to learn accountability at an early age, or they’ll never take responsibility for their bad behavior, and it will cause them a lifetime of challenges, disappointments, and an inability to get along with other people and take care of themselves.  It’s in your kid’s best interest that you teach them to be accountable, even if it makes you the bad guy.  Whenever a kid would say, “But so and so did this” in defense of their own behavior I would interrupt and tell them it doesn’t matter.  You are always and only accountable for your own behavior, regardless of what someone else does. 

(Steps off soap box) 


So anyway, Bunny’s turning twenty-one and I am proud of her every day.  I do sort of wish that her getting older didn’t also mean I was getting older, but regrettably, time marches on for all of us.   

Which is I guess why my dad was thinking about his funeral at my Uncle’s funeral on Friday.  As I said in my tweet, Dad put in a violin song request in for his funeral.  My Uncle’s grand-daughter played a few songs on her violin as part of his service, and Dad determined that I should do the same for him.  There are two things wrong with this picture.  One, I do NOT want to think about my dad having a funeral.  Ever.  I mean, I know it’s highly probable its going to happen in my lifetime and there is no avoiding it (Unless Elon Musk comes up with some plan to live forever, because if anyone could do it it’s prolly him).  And two, I can barely play at this point so my dad assigning me a not very easy song is already causing me some stress.  I mean, what if I’m never THAT GOOD?  Plus, I was never planning on actually performing in front of anyone, let alone all the people that would be at a funeral for my dad.  Ugh, its enough to make me want to give up altogether. 

Not really.

I’m stubborn, I think I mentioned before.  I am going to kick that songs butt, and I am going to play it with all my heart. 

(I hope) 

On that note, I’m off to violin practice.  Have a great Sunday everyone, REALLY GREAT, because you never know when time runs out. 



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