May of My Discontent

Well, tomorrow I hit the road, or rather the air. We are now entering the May of My Discontent. In the next twenty days I will spend two nights in my bed at home. I currently have three suitcase plans and three of everything to accommodate three back to back trips, the last one being for eleven days. I knew it was coming, so at least I had time to prepare.

I checked the airline website, and they said I can take my violin as carry on, as my “personal item”. I hope I don’t end up an airline horror story, having to get into a fight about my carry on. At least my violin isn’t going to die in the overhead compartment.

I called the hotel in advance also, to ask them if they could put me in a room where my violin will not disturb other guests.

“Oh, I don’t know if you’ve stayed here before,” the front desk person who I am sure has access to all the times I’ve stayed there in her little computer said, “but each room is a two room suite and you should be just fine to play your violin in the back bedroom. I totally understand, I’m a musician myself.”

That back bedroom is bordered on both sides by my neighbors back bedrooms so I don’t think it’s the best place for me to not cause a disruption but whatever, I’ll give it a go.

She probably expects I will be playing beautiful music that anyone would enjoy but I literally play at a third grade level so I hope my neighbors like “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” because that is my greatest accomplishment to date.

J asked me today to make him a “to do” list for while I am gone and I do believe that’s the first time ever in my entire life that I have heard a man ask for a to do list. He’s such a good man, and after ten years I still feel lucky all the time.

I told the cat I was going, I always do, in case she understands, because it would be rude to just off and disappear. “You’ll still have Dad,” I told her. I know, it’s sort of weird to call yourself mom and dad to your pet but less weird once all your kids move out. We’re a family, dammit.

I have just learned that I can write a blog on my new phone, which will have to suffice while I am on the road because I just can’t carry two laptops, I had to draw the line at the writing laptop, since the work one’s a requirement. I’ve written this blog on my phone and so far so good. Ha!

Everything is packed except my whiny pants, I’ll try leaving those at home. There’s no room for them in my suitcase anyway!

Hope you’re having a nice weekend,


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