I’m having a high performing day so far. I cooked homemade, healthy food, I exercised and I practiced my violin. I RSVP’d to a wedding shower, ordered gifts for the shower and for Fathers Day, mailed a card to my niece for her Presidential Award for good grades, and a card for Bunny congratulating her on her new job. Unloaded the dishwasher and got the coffee ready for the morning.

Now I’m laying on my bed with a heating pad on my abdomen, but I’m focusing on the accomplishments.

All I have left to be able to say I’ve accomplished every one of my everyday goals is to write. I didn’t have any bright blogging ideas so I decided I’d use the dictionary. Pick a word.

I contemplated just writing about my dictionary. Do you have one? My dictionary is old, and used enough that it broke in half and I’m not even a Scrabble player except when my mom forces me to play her so she can whoop me, which happens way less ever since I moved out. My dictionary got me through a lot of research papers and also this one time at work when I had to come up with a new moniker every day for eight weeks. It’s broken between help and helper, but it’s still quite useful for when you feel like getting up and getting a book and paging through it to find your word instead of just googling it on your phone.

Or when you need a writing prompt.

Google’s never going to throw a word out there for me, but my dictionary will.

The first word I stumbled upon was righteous. It’s a word I remember hearing a lot in church growing up. It’s a word my cousin Pastor Brad used to describe his Mama at her funeral last winter. “Morally right, virtuous” my dictionary said.

I am entirely unqualified to write about righteousness.

I looked around and found a different word. Rigamarole. “A long, rambling story or statement.”



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