I took a snow day today. Since I’m on vacation this week, anyway, that really just means I stayed in my pajamas all day and did jobs like move all the blue books to the bedroom bookshelf because “blue is a calming color!” (“Kinda weird,” J said.), and arrange the rest of the shelves by color, minus the blue, of course.

I was restricted in which jobs I could do because I was trying to be quiet. After being up all night sick, J slept most of the day today. So no violin playing, no vacuuming the closet I’ve been working to get ready to paint, no talking on the phone.

I text the family to tell them J was sick, HEADS UP. They all text back that they were all, including the kids, not sick.

Sister Neala offered my nephew Logan had been sick several days before Christmas.

“It’s probably not from him,” she added, “but saying just in case.”

“Just in case we were sticking pins in your voodoo doll?” sister Natasha asked.

“It would really help me out if one of you guys could get sick,” I said, “because right now the primary suspect is last night’s dinner, cooked by yours truly,”

“Blame it on Logan,” Tasha started and then added, “I do have a headache this afternoon so maybe I am getting sick.”

“Brandon offered to take one for the team and be the sick one,” Neala answered.

Brandon is her new boyfriend, who we just met at Christmas. How nice of him.

“If we’re going to blame Brandon for that,” Dad chimed in, “then I say we blame him for everything from now on. Mom wants to know who left their Caribou cup here on Christmas.”

Mom does not text, but does get mad when people text Dad to get a message to her. She however, can send messages through Dad anytime.

“The blue one? It’s mine,” sister Megan said.

“We’ll save it for you,” Dad said, “Probably use it to cook fish in the microwave. Should work good.”

“Sounds good, make sure you invite Neala,” Megan said.

“Still waiting on that invite…but yes, I agree that we should blame everything on Brandon. No worries, I asked him and he said he’s down for it,” Neala added.

“Well, I have to get the fish first,” Dad said.

“Well get on it OLD MAN,” Megan answered.

Anyway, welcome to the family, Brandon. Sorry to hear you’re sick!

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