Weird things are happening inside of my head. My dreams are starting to tell me the future in the weirdest ways and it’s making me feel, uh, mmmmnnnn, weird?

At first, I thought it was coincidence. In order to not be called crazy I might keep thinking that. I dream about someone who I haven’t seen or heard from in a long while, years usually, and then BAM, they enter in real life. SO WEIRD.

Haven’t talked for two years and then a text out of the blue. A dream and then next thing you know they’re walking in the door at Ruby Tuesday’s. A dream and then an email. Like my brain is prepping me for the next event. When you have a dream about someone you haven’t heard from in a while and you remember it, you think about them. Maybe it’s my thoughts that draw us together somehow. Like how when someone gets a new car all of a sudden you see that car everywhere.

Last night I dreamt that our son, Bunz, showed up at our house with a baby. A baby with olive skin and dark hair. In my dream it was his baby.

This morning, one of his close friends text to say that Bunz was “born again” in church today. For all I knew he never even went to church, so this was a surprise.

And then I was thinking about how a baby and born go together and how that was a really weird way for my brain to think about what was coming and THEN I was like but how did my brain know? Have I been here before? Is my life an endless loop I keep living over and over without knowing it? (GASP) Is someone else telling me things in my brain?

Probably just a coincidence. I’m sure. Over and over. Coincidence. Right-o. Nothing weird to see here, folks, move along!


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