See? Poem!


Sometimes now,

I sit in wonder,

That the weight of it all,

Didn’t take me under

But here I sit,

Still today,

To tell you, too,

That you’ll find a way

You’ll push it back,

Inch by inch,

With only yourself,

When you get in a pinch

You’ll think you can’t do it,

You’ll want to give in,

Then you’ll grasp onto something,

And you’ll inhale again

Even in darkness,

You’ll remember the light,

And you’ll hold it away,

With what’s left of your fight

Your shoulders are strong,

You’re a warrior inside,

In spite of the tears,

That you’ve already cried

It’ll fight the whole while

But you’ll keep it at bay,

Til your work up the strength,

To heave it away

You’ll live your life,

With gratefulness and grace,

Cause you’ll never forget,

Looking death in the face

It keeps you humble,

And brings piece of mind,

Along with knowing you made it,

And the passage of time

You’ll make it through,

And you’ll live to tell,

Someone else, someday,

That they’ll make it as well.

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