Dream a Little Dream

I wrote a whole big blog about how fabulous and romantic my husband has been lately and then I pared it down to that tweet about the surprise sunset because who the hell wants to read a blog about how romantic my husband is besides me? We’ve had some catching up to do, now that we’re back to being empty-nesters.

We can also start looking forward, which it’s hard to do when you don’t know what going to happen next. We’re making plans again. We’re laughing again. We’re dancing on the deck under the stars again.

I had a fabulous idea that we should buy this old run-down hotel and fix it up and make it so magnificent that it would always be full just by word of mouth.

I think we could do it. We could sell our house and live in the apartment made for that while we fixed it up. We’ll put in a campfire ring and J can play guitar for the guests. We’ll hand out baggies with chocolate and marshmallow and graham crackers. Make the yard all pretty in case you want to get married there. The hotel comes with a nice banquet space. It also comes with a restaurant. At first, we’ll just do breakfast and Sunday brunch, but we’ll work up to more. We have mixed feelings about the bar- we don’t like dealing with drunk people, so possibly just off sale for the guests and we’ll convert that space to something else. We’ll put in laundry machines, which our guests will appreciate, but we’ll also open them to the public. It’s on a main scenic highway in a prime location, right down the road from tennis courts and ice skating, kayaking on a lake and the DNR information center.

Oh and did I mention it needs a complete remodel including the heating and non-existent air conditioning? The ad literally says: “cooling system: ceiling fans”. That will never do. It has hot water heat which requires a boilers license to run so that also has to go. Oh, and the kitchen needs an overhaul before it’s up to code for serving food.

“I’d have to see the wiring,” my dad, who is an electrical engineer who also has a boilers license, said, “to know if that had to be completely redone. And I’d have to study all the regulations for that area.”

“I am sure we could do it,” J said, “we’re both smart and hard workers and good with money. But I think it’s a money pit that we’ll work our asses off for and not make much money on.”

I told everyone I knew about my great idea.

My friend Lisa from work said, “Well, you know an electrician.”

Her husband is an electrician. That’s RIGHT, I DO know an electrician!

My sister Megan said, “It looks like that place needs A LOT of work. Have you considered just buying land and building something new?”


“Maybe you could get it listed as historic,” my only supporter Lisa suggested.

“Can’t we just go back to remodeling the kitchen?” J said.

My eyes might have lit up at the thought. Oooo, the kitchen.

But I’m still dreaming about that hotel….

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