Black Hole

Well, if I thought my blog never got read before it’s a whole new world not being connected to Twitter. HELLO (HELLO hello hellooooo…)

It’s fine though, because I haven’t written anything in my blog in a bajillion years and I am rusty. *creak*

This way I can just go on about nothing, practicing my punctuation and grammar and sentence structure. (Oh my!)

Someone bought my hotel. You know, the one I was going to fix up and run and spend my time baking brownies for guests…that one. Sold on Dec 20 for the bargain price of 100k. (Yes, I was till obsessively checking the price and scheming). Good bye little dream! *sniff*

I’ve been trying to goof off for a couple of weeks now. By goofing off I mean only kind of working. It was a rough second half of the year, I had to cancel three vacations this year. I have always worked hard, but not quite that hard. All the cancelled vacations meant that by Dec 1 I had more PTO left than working days left in the year. While things are improving, there was no way I could take the whole month off, and besides for two weeks of it I was on call for jury duty. So, for the last three weeks of the year I am kinda working, but also kinda playing my fiddle and baking and watching Mad About You. Goofing off, like I said. I’m now in that magical place where I stay up half the night and sleep half the day and take a shower sometime before bed again. What day is it again?

OH I have news. I’m going to be aunt again. My sister ten years my junior is having a baby. A boy! I asked my 9 yo nephew if he was excited about being a big brother and he said, “No, I don’t want a screaming baby around.” So yeah, he’s excited, obviously.

My sister is also not excited about a “screaming baby around” but the dad to be is ecstatic, as it’ll be his first. My sister will come around, once she gets used to the idea. The baby was conceived while she was on birth control. SURPRISE you’re the .01%! Anyway, I think it’s exciting.

I hope you are enjoying the holidays, and don’t know what day it is either.

Good bye! (Eye eye eye….)


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