I Got This

My holiday traveling hiatus is coming to an end tomorrow, when I hit the road (well, the road and then the sky and then the road again) for Virginia. It’s going to be sixty degrees in VA so I don’t give a damn if it’s January, when it’s sixty it’s sandal weather! I even painted my toenails.

I got a new job at my company. Well, actually it’s the same job with just MORE job added to it. It is now a very big job. Next week I have to go in front of some Very Important People to talk about my big job.

“Are you freaking out?” a coworker asked me.

“Well the way I look at it,” I said, “the last four jobs I’ve had have freaked me out so what’s one more?”

“That’s right,” she agreed.

I put on a good front. You have to convey confidence even if you’re insides feel all squiggly.

I’ve been playing songs to pump up my confidence while riding the exercise bike. From the Fight Song to Beyoncé to Kesha’s “Praying”. I’m sticking with girl anthems, they seem to be working.

The other thing I’m doing is trying to predict every possible question the Very Important People will ask me and formulate an answer. I don’t want to have to say “I don’t know” if I can help it.

“You’ve always been a planner,” J said when I told him I am obsessively rehearsing every question I can think of.

It’s true. I’m a good travel partner because I have everything you might need. I have a flashlight and an extra sweater in my backpack. Matches, ibuprofen, Tylenol, tums, nail file, hair band, lighter. Today when I threw in one more lighter I actually caught myself thinking, “It might be good to bargain with.” As if I am expecting a desperate world where a lighter might buy me something needed for survival. I have trail mix and Kind bars. Chargers, lip balm, breath mints, sunglasses. A mirror, a comb, a toothbrush, a tweezers, a needle and safety pins. Water. There will either be tennis shoes on my feet and flip flops in my backpack or vice versa. Oh, and of course my work stuff, too, the actual purpose of the trip.

If we have to leave the plane there is no way in hell I am leaving my carryon behind. I can live for two weeks with what’s inside!

You get good at traveling. At knowing what you’ll need.

“Who brings plastic silverware in their carry on?” a coworker commented when I plunked my bag of assorted Kind bars down on the table to share, and the silverware were at the bottom.

Later in the week when our food was delivered without silverware, guess who saved the day? (Also comes in handy for food delivery in a hotel room. Very few come with silverware.)

Yes. So. I’m a planner. I’m doing a lot of planning and a lot of pep talking.

It’s ok, Nic, you got this.

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