Four Things You (Maybe) Didn’t Know

Provençal/ psalmody

Psalter/ pterodactyl

Those were the four words my trusty dictionary gave me when I opened it, like I sometimes do, for a writing prompt.

“That,” I said to myself, “is definitely a sign.”

The universe wants me to NOT write today.

I did read the definitions, go down a little rabbit hole googling pterodactyl’s (I wanted to see if the definition in my old dictionary of “flying reptile” was still accurate- Google says yes) and then promptly abandoned it. What new can there possibly be to say about pterodactyls?

Ok, I’ll tell you one thing. Pterodactyls are not technically dinosaurs, though they are thought to have all perished at the same time as dinosaurs. My childhood was a lie!

Provençal, I was delighted to learn, is and old Romance language of Provence, located in Southern France. Apparently some fancy cheese comes from that area, also.

At first I thought it was the same as Provincial and I was all ready with those Beauty and the Beast lyrics Belle sings about “this provincial life”. Provincial, in this case, meaning unsophisticated and narrow-minded and not at all as cool as and old Romance Language.

Well, now I might as well keep going. A Psalter is a book containing the book of Psalms. I don’t why they couldn’t just call it “Psalms”.

Psalmody is either the singing of Psalms or the arranging of them for singing.

Psalms sure do hog up a lot of words. They just made up words for them instead of using the normal ones. (Putting on airs if you ask me)

Fine, one more thing about pterodactyls. There’s no such thing as one. It’s actually a Pterosaur.

Good one, Dictionary.


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