The Front Page

Back a hundred years ago when I and my girlfriends were all divorced and single, there was a period of time where we were all dating guys from the same friend group. This happens when one of you starts dating someone and when you meet their friends they are like, “So do you have any single friends?”

So you fix your girlfriend up with your boyfriend’s friend and your other girlfriend hits it off with your boyfriend’s cousin and next thing you know everyone is in everyone’s business.

Our boyfriends were very gossipy so we used to make jokes like, “this will end me up on the front page of the Boyfriend News.”

One of my girlfriends told her boyfriend about the Boyfriend News so he would ask specifically, “What’s The Front Page?” when he wanted all the happenings.

(There was a lot of drama back then, which is to be expected with three girls dating three Mr. Wrongs)

All of that to say I’ve decided to steal “The Front Page” for this blog because it means “what’s new?”

Fun in the Sun

J and and I are on a three in a row long weekend streak. It is in preparing for this third one, while trying to hammer through the backlogged chores at home and unpack and repack that J said,

“This three long weekends up north in a row thing is exhausting!”

You wouldn’t think so would you? I would’ve expected to be extra relaxed. And while yes, the weekends have been fabulous, the four days in between each one have turned hellish. Trying to cram five days of work into four, and grocery shop and plan for three trips in a row has worn us out.

I’ve got way worse problems than that, though, so I’m not complaining. What gets me through the week is the thought of the weekend at the lake!

New Addition

MY SISTER IS GOING TO HAVE A BABY! It will be her first, another little Circus Family member for us to take along to Michigan each year. Megan, my sister, was just married last June. I am so happy for her and her husband Tom, and already excited to meet the baby.

Fire Hazard High

We’re still in a drought, here, even though it has finally rained the last couple of weeks. The wildlife, apart from deer and squirrels and birds, have left our yard because the three ponds are dry. In all our thirty years in this town that has never happened before. The news says it’s the worst drought since 1985. I’m trying not to freak out about it.

I miss the cranes. I hope they’re doing ok without me!

Beating the Odds

My grandpa turned 91. This is definitely front page news! So far he has survived the pandemic even though he’s 91, has Parkinson’s and cancer and his legs don’t work like they used to. When people give me all their reasons to not get vaccinated, all I think is that they must not have a 91 year old grandpa that they care enough about to keep safe. (Please don’t give me all the other reasons, I won’t believe any of them are more important than my grandpa, anyway). Here’s to surviving ninety one years!

That’s The Front Page!

Hope you enjoy some long weekends, too, before another Summer slips away.

Maybe space them out a little, though. 🙂


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