The Great Unknown

I was thinking about how things in your life end up happening that at one point in your life you never thought were going to happen. The Great Unknown. It’s wild.

Almost every time J and I go out on the ATV I think of how I promised Gram I would never ride an ATV. She asked me to promise her after my cousin Jackie was crushed and killed by one.

At the time, I don’t think either of us ever imagined my life would include ATV’s. Gram did my taxes, she knew the situation. Plus I lived in the city limits, where it was illegal anyway.

Life is a surprise, sometimes. An exquisite surprise.

Lately I’ve been reading some Matt Haig books. Both his novels and his, um, encouragement books? (you should read The Midnight Library if you haven’t yet!). His encouragement books are encouragement for people who suffer from mental illness, especially depression and anxiety.

One of the key things is how you don’t know what’s going to happen. Like how I spent the whole day crying on my twenty-fifth birthday because I was a) Getting divorced and convinced I would never marry again, b) never going to get the job I wanted and C) never going to have a house.

I can laugh about all those things now, even though at the time I felt like my whole entire life was a failure.

In the end, not a single part of what I cried ALL DAY about was true, except the divorce, which was, of course, for the best.

It seems a lot of people are struggling right now. (And who can blame them) Can you believe that you won’t always feel that way? That you’ll be AMAZED how your life turns out? It will never stop surprising you.

Life is the long game. Whatever seems terrible right now is definitely terrible right now. But take heart and have hope. It won’t be like that forever, it won’t feel like that forever. Nothing stays the same, not even the terrible things.

This year, three people in my daughters graduating class died by suicide. It is a real and constant threat for young people. The world seems awful, the pressure to “make it” is intense, and the pandemic made already lonely people lonelier. Love your people. Make sure they know how much you love them.

I wish I could have talked to them. It is arrogant to think I could have made a difference but it is madness not to try.

Future you is waiting. Future you is counting on today you to make it. Future you is stronger and wiser, smarter and resilient.

Future you knows that while things are never perfect, it’s worth it not to give up. Future you knows that even in the darkest times there are moments of joy, and those moments are the reason to carry on.

The Great Unknown can’t be known now. It’s for you to find out.

You’re waiting, excitedly, for you to get there.

You won’t believe what happens if you can just hold on.

I’m rooting for you,


Great books to read on this topic by Matt Haig:

“Reasons to Stay Alive”

“The Comfort Book”

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