I Said

Today when J and I were done with work we collapsed on the bed. There is something to be said for a moment of rest before phase two of the day. We were talking about our days, the debrief, but mostly just enjoying laying flat, and then the cat meowed from outside the door because she felt left out.

“You’re so needy,” J said, but then he called her in and scratched her ears.

I’m on a schedule this month where I am gone a week, home a week, gone a week, gone a week, home a week. The cat isn’t the only one making noise.

“Did you fall in a hole?” my sister text. (“NO!” I said)

“Don’t forget to write,” someone else said. (“I know, I know,” I said)

“Don’t you miss us?” my sister asked. (“Of course!” I said)

“Been to see your grandpa, lately?” my MIL asked. (“No, not since his birthday week,” I said…guiltily.)

“Grandpa has two frozen dinners left,” my sister said. (“I have homemade soup!” I said, but only to myself)

“You didn’t show up for your dentist appointment,” the receptionist’s message said, “just wondering if you’d like to reschedule.” (“SHIT!” I said)

“Speaking of novels…,”someone at work said, and then she gave me “the look”. (“NO, ITS NOT DONE YET,” I said, somewhat hostile.)

“I don’t think I’ve seen my parents since August,” I said, and then my sister gave me a different “look”.

“I have to miss another violin lesson,” I said. (“Make up sessions on the weekends,” my instructor said. “I work some weekends,” I said.)

“Don’t forget to vote!” they said. (“AS IF,” I said.)

“Not too long until Christmas,” they said. (“@&%#!!!!!!!!” I said.)

“Anyone want to host Thanksgiving?” my sister in law asked. (Crickets)

“You missed Halloween,” my sister said. (“I’m sorry,” I said.)

“I’m going on vacation for five days,” I said. (We’ll employ every possible tactic to reach you anyway,” they said. Ok, fine, they didn’t exactly say it first)

“Meow,” the cat said, again, so I laid on the floor and snuggled her.

(“It’s the only thing I’m caught up on,” I said.)

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