If we had stuck to the original Thanksgiving plans, today we would have arrived in Myrtle Beach. J and I were going to take a road trip, from MN to SC, to see all the things in between on the way, and also to visit the son, who could use some time with a good role model or two.

We ended up cancelling our plans, for a long list of reasons that would take chapters to explain so I’m skipping over them. The important thing is we had ten days off and no plans.

I love going to the lake. Even when it’s cold I just put on my long underwear and parka and spend as much time outside as possible. It is calming and peaceful. Serene. So much so that when we’ve been there for a while and we have to leave I find myself tearing up about going back to my real life and its accompanying stress. (But also accompanying paycheck so…) Nothing beats life at the lake.

However, there is something to be said for a vacation where you get shit done. Sure, the woods are therapeutic, but have you ever had everything crossed off your to do list? Talk about feeling peaceful!

I started off slow. I had a flight home Friday that required me to wake up and function at 3am, therefore by seven pm I was done for.

I slept until one on Saturday. J was up earlier, drinking coffee and watching the news, and letting me sleep, but eventually he crawled back into bed with me to wake me up. It was a nice way to wake up.

Saturday was date day since we’d been apart for a week. We hung out in our pajamas and played our instruments, watched a hockey game, went out for dinner and then saw “The Girl in the Spiders Web” at one of those theaters that gives you a big comfy recliner and bottomless popcorn. (Lisbeth is my new hero. Again.)

Sunday I slept until eleven, then picked up my book and read for two hours before getting out of bed. (My bladder accomplished things I did not even know it could).

But THEN, I got to work. I have only three presents left to buy for Christmas! Man I love online shopping! I made travel plans for my next work trip and submitted my expense reports from the last. I paid the bills, practiced my violin and then cooked dinner, which included many things wrapped in bacon, while I watched hockey.

Today I had a violin lesson so that got me out of bed a little earlier. I spent the next two hours in an antique shop searching for this one thing…but left empty handed. Then it was off to shop for the house and for Thanksgiving. My baby sister is hosting, and I am assigned the appetizers and brussel sprouts. I make a mean brussel sprout!

Tomorrow I am going to get some long overdue banking done then visit the floor store for some samples, and drop some food at grandpa’s.

(Check, check, check!)

“So does the trim not fit the inside of the new door?”

I was asking because it’s been weeks, and the new sliding door is still missing it’s trim.

“Yes, it fits,” J started, “OH, would like me to get the trim done?”

“Well, I’d like it to be done.”

“It’s done. Just needs trim.”

“That is not done! Please don’t finish things the way my dad finishes things!”

J had to chuckle at that, he knows my mom waited like a year for cupboard handles, “It’s done, except the trim.”

(Heavy sigh) “I mean, I’m not trying to give you jobs on your vacation but…it’s a good time to get things done!”

It should be noted that he has, in fact, probably completed more things than me so far on vacation- I just want the sliding door finished so I can hang curtains back up! J’s been sucking up leaves and shopping and visiting his parents like a good son and today he even went to Fleet Farm.

When I arrived home with all my bags there was a new cute cedar bluebird house on the counter.

“It’s for you,” J said.

“For home or the lake?”

“Wherever you want, it’s for you.”

I stuck my nose to it and inhaled. Fresh cedar smells delightful.

“Did you open it?” J asked.

“No, why would I open it?” I asked, twisting the latch and opening it. Two bags of chocolate covered raisins dropped out.

(Aw, so sweet!)

I love chocolate covered raisins. If not for my mom telling me repeatedly that food was not allowed in the bathroom (because germs!) I would have brought them to the bathtub with me, but instead I brought you guys.

Two more days to get stuff done!

But first….where are those raisins…

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