New Year Same Me

I should probably write a New Year blog but it turns out I am over New Years. I’m not making any resolutions, I’ve decided instead to appreciate my life the way it is, be grateful for every benefit. Dammit, I’ve made a resolution haven’t I?

What I think about most this time of year, instead, is our anniversary. We’re coming up on twelve years together, (three of them married). On the way home from the theater tonight J said, “Not that long in the grand scheme of things, I guess.”

He says that because I said it on our five year anniversary, and he likes to tease me about it.

“Well, twelve years is getting up there,” I had to admit, “You’ve held up pretty well.”

“Why thank you,” he said taking my hand, “how does it make you feel to know your hands will always be softer than mine?”

“Not as good as knowing you’ll always be five years older,” I replied.

And then we laughed, which we do a lot, which is why I think we’re still around to be celebrate twelve years.

We’re going to a resort, like we always do, and I can’t wait! A real vacation! It’s been six months since I’ve had a vacation where I didn’t have to keep one eye on my desk top. That is enough to make me ecstatic, but when you add in all the pampering and adventure I can hardly stand the wait. Here I come Lake Superior!

It seems weird that it’s 2020. I remember when I used to think it would be weird when we were in the 2000’s cause I’d been saying 19 whatever my whole life, I can hardly believe it’s twenty years past.

Life goes slow when your young and fast when you’re old and that is a pisser, isn’t it?

I hope whatever you’re doing, you’re enjoying the New Year and new possibilities, and that you’ve got a few things to be grateful for, too.


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