Well, maybe I forgot what it takes to get ready for vacation, that’s my excuse. All I know is it’s almost 11pm, I’ve got a load in the wash and my suitcase isn’t packed. Also I remembered this is a winter trip and I need to wash my winter coat. The warm one. The playing outside one, versus the “just running to the grocery store” one.

I know, cry you a river, at least I’m going on a little vacation! (Did I mention?) I might be heading towards an all nighter but it’s ok cause I don’t have to get up early tomorrow!

(And are you like, well if you have so much to do why are you typing this dumb blog instead of doing it? If so the answer is I’M ON A BREAK)

I just finished meal prep. Even though we are going to a fancy place, I think their restaurant is overpriced and it’s in the middle of nowhere so it’s not like you can just hit up the 24 hr cafe- the cafe is actually only open for lunch. That coupled with my gluten free meal requirements means I cook all the food ahead of time. I’m pretty excited about what’s to come. I sliced up a pork loin and wrapped it in bacon and rolled them in brown sugar before baking. I made breakfast parfaits with hash browns and eggs and bacon and ham and cheese. I worked hard tonight so we don’t have to lift a finger this weekend. Just pop it in the microwave and VOILA! (Yes, someday when I open a restaurant egg parfaits are on the menu…)

Whew. My feet hurt just thinking about it.

By my calculations I have three more hours of work and then it’s lazy time. And love time. Did I mention it’s our anniversary trip?

I’ll send you a pretty picture. 🙂


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